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The following are testimonials of the great instruction and caring work that Pamela Sisley puts into her students and dolls.


I had read about Pamela in the Seattle Times and contacted her regarding some dolls of mine which needed TLC. Visiting Pamela at her home was a thrill. She has an outstanding collection of well cared for and interesting dolls, and it is obvious she takes tender loving care of each one! She took several of my dolls to work on and did a great job. One of my dolls was in pretty bad shape (from too many moves and too many years and a young granddaughter who got to them to "play with" before I caught her!) and she gave me several options of repair, keeping in mind I wanted to keep costs down. I think Pamela's prices are very, very fair for such excellent work! She also offer classes to make dolls and when my schedule permits, I hope to join one! Pamela is a kind and caring person and I can't think of anyone better to either learn from or have your dolls repaired by! Christy Blanchard, Mountlake Terrace, Washington

"Pamela's refurbishment of my 46 year-old doll far exceeded my expectations for a doll that old. My treasured doll turned out absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend Pamela's masterful work." -Gloria Wickingstad, Tucson, Arizona 2006


When my mother Rosemary died she left me two frazzled dollies – Margie, her own doll from about 1920 and Ginger, my own doll from my little girl days in the early 40’s. I knew about Margie but I had no idea Ginger still existed. They had moved with us and our fisheries biologist father up and around the Northwest coast, lived in storage in Hawaii for two years, and occupied boxes in damp basements. They both were worn and torn. Margie looked so bad with shredded wig flopping in the breeze, her eyes at odds with each other, and chipped skin she scared my granddaughter. When I read about Pamela in the online The Seattle Times I got excited. They had published a great story about her and her gifts and I emailed and asked them to forward my name to her. Pamela contacted me and I mailed my little treasures to her post haste.Pamela performed a loving miracle. My granddaughter now loves Margie, and I still have Ginger. They have peaches and cream complexions, lovely new hair, and are dressed in charming period clothing. Pamela kept all the original parts possible and the dolls are now super condition.I plan on passing them on to two of my granddaughters as soon as they get a little older. My oldest grand-girl is looking forward to beingtherecipient of her great-grandmother’s baby doll. Thank you so much Pamela. Celia Andrews – Walla Walla, WA 2006

  Little Women was one of my favorite books I read when I was a child. That period of time was so fascinating and the relationship between the family members was so vivid and loving as written by Louisa May Alcott. I am not usually a doll collector but when I saw a Marme doll by Madame Alexander at an antique show, I knew I had to have her. She was a good price but her limbs were very very loose, her clothes were dirty and she needed freshening and tidying up.

So I contacted Pam at the Doll Nursery. She and I are both members of the Daughters of the Revolution and she had given a demonstration on doll making at one of our meetings. I asked her if she could repair my Marme. Pam was so interested in my doll and knew all about what she was made out of, how she was put together, her approximate value and worth that I was astounded. Pam took her home and in a short amount of time, Marme was returned and she looked fabulous. I could hardly believe that it was the same doll. She was re-strung, her clothes were bright and starched, her hair was tidy and in a net. Pam performed a miracle. Since then I have spoken to Pam about other dolls and her knowledge of dolls of all ages is very extensive. She is meticulous with her work and very loving to the dolls.

It was so much pleasure working with her on restoring Marme that I decided to take a doll making class with her. She has a big studio with hundreds of dolls. One can pick from a variety of dolls to make as Pam has molds and a kiln. My first doll was Sugar Britches, a sleeping newborn. We worked several days on getting the green ware in perfect condition so that there would not be any imperfections when she was fired in the kiln. Pam was patient with me as I kept missing places that to me weren’t obvious to the normal eye but Pam’s expert eye caught every little thing. She taught me how to mix paint and to put on the doll’s complexion and features. We put together a soft body and attached all of her parts. It was a wonderful experience. My husband could not believe how realistic and wonderful Sugar Britches looks. I have scheduled another doll class with Pam, this time a French antique reproduction doll. I look forward to working with her again.

-Anita Speir

Auburn, Washington

What do you do when a beloved childhood doll cries out for help? You call on the Doll Doctor, Pamela Sisley. Just as humans age, Freddie had aged. The skin was cracked. Hair had fallen out. Vintage clothes were disintegrating. Perhaps even more importantly, every time Mother looked at Freddie she was reminded of how long the doll had languished in the attic all because someone dear had put Freddie there thinking all would be well.

December 26, 2003 changed everything. The Seattle Times published a front page story titled "Green Lake doll doctor attends to ravages of age." I knew I had to contact Pamela Sisley about Freddie. Not only did Freddie need restoring, my Mother's heart needed mending. Without Mother knowing, I drove Freddie to Pamela's home.

In the time that Freddie was in Pamela's cherished and skillful hands, the doll was transformed. Freddie had new skin, new hair, restored clothing, including shoes and socks. Freddie had heart and everything about the doll swelled with pride.

When I presented Freddie to my other, Annette Freeman, she beamed and tears came to her eyes. Childhood memories had been restored and Mother forgave the someone dear. It was magical to see Freddie's transformation. I can't totally appreciate the knowledge that's needed to bring a doll to life, but I can appreciate the bond between my Mother and Freddie, all because a woman cared so much. Pamela Sisley is Freddie's angel.

-Joyce Meyer
Woodinville, WA

Pam, I acquired Shirley quite broken from a family who had given her up as a lose. Thanks to you and your miracle of restoration she is now a beautiful addition to my doll collection. I love what you did for her little shoes; new souls inside and out indicate your care and concern for her total well being. Pam, thanks again for a magnificent restoration.

Sincerely , Jean Bishop, Bothell, Washington 3/01/04

Many thanks Pam for the great classes. It is very nice that you keep the numbers of students limited so that we can have the one on one attention. I have really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and open working space. I only wish that I had been introduced to this art form many years ago... as you offer so many interesting challenges. And I can't forget the super job that you did on the eye repair to my mother's old compo doll. Now she is very nice to look at. Looking forward to my "next" doll. You are appreciated.

- Pat Ross, Bellevue, WA. 12/19/05

"After searching for several years to locate a studio in which to continue my hobby of making porcelain dolls, how fortunate I was to find Pamela Sisley's Dancing Dolls Studio. Pamela is an amazing teacher and her skills in both doll making and in restoration are wonderful. The studio is well set up and a very warm and friendly place in which to work. I have been exceptionally pleased with the dolls I have been able to create there. I highly recommend this studio. Any talent I show I can attribute to Pam. My dolls never were so nice. I really like learning all the new techniques like contouring etc...

-Pat Fowler," 1/11/06



To contact Pamela Sisley with any questions or inquiries please call (206) 524-1794 or email her!




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